gip reality & development

Engineering activity

Change of territorial plan in Brandýs nad Labem – Stará Boleslav from the functional use of the territory for industrial production into a complete or mixed residential territory (the territory is located close to the centre of the city in its residential part).

Negotiation of the construction study in CHKO Český kras with the management of the protected countryside of Český kras in Bubovice (the territory is located in the urban area of the village, it is necessary to state the requirements for any future construction related to an existing development of traditional character).

Application for issue of the territorial decision for location of the construction of 32 family row-houses in Prague 9 – Letňany, including low-energy houses in Prague – Letnany, including the related connections and relaying of engineering networks and roads.

Application for issuing the territorial decision regarding the location of the construction of a residential house in Prague-Čakovice

Application for the merged territorial and building decision for a roof superstructure in a residential house in Prague -Čakovice

Negotiation of the construction study of the “Výpustek” locality at Úvaly u Prahy for approximately 45 independent and row family houses on land from 700 m2 to 1100 m2 and the execution of the function of coordinator and other owners of land in the locality.

Application for the building permit concerning removing the body of the railway siding at the Railway Office.