gip reality & development

Services provided

Technical area
• maintenance of technical record-keeping (so-called passportization) of buildings, flats and non-residential premises
• ensuring technical revisions of technical equipment and equipping of real estates
• performing technical inspections
• ensuring common maintenance and repairs of real estates through well established suppliers or directly with own employees
• ensuring of professional assistance during more extensive repairs and reconstruction
• non-stop emergency service

Operating area
• record-keeping of flats, non-residential premises and objects
• handing-over and taking-over of flats, non-residential premises or objects for new users
• ensuring services related to the use of real estates, reading of measuring meters of energies
• ensuring regular cleaning of the common premises of the house, maintenance of green areas, cleaning of pavements

Economic area
• specification and checking payment of rent and payments for fulfilment related to the use of flats and non-residential premises
• specification of and checking payments into funds for co-owners of residential units
• settlement of services and consumption of energy
• enforcement of debts from rent and other payments
• checking and payment of supplier invoices
• book-keeping
• preparation of source materials and processing of taxes (income tax, VAT, real estate tax)
• performing regular economic analyses and recommendations

Legal area
• concluding and noticing lease contracts and supervision of fulfilment
• concluding contracts with suppliers concerning services, repairs, reconstructions, etc.
• concluding insurance contracts
• settlement of claims, complaints and correspondence

The scope of activities can be modified according to the requirements of the client.